Mountain Biking Tour Packages

This is where it all started! Mads loves to mountain bike and this is where our whole concept began – mountain bike tours as a way to just keep on biking.

Biking is our number one preferred way of getting around – whether it’s using the cityscape as a playground, or getting out of town into remote places, seeing fascinating things and meeting amazing people while at the same time challenging yourself physically and mentally on incredible trails and of course having way too much fun…we get a huge kick out of making the most incredible trips happen for your mountain bike tours.

As keen bikers we love to explore (and we do sometimes run exploratory trips with guests and friends – keep an eye on the site for new ones) and we love to create customised trips around awesome places and ideas – We figure, it’s your biking adventure, so why not combine all your favourite things? Just drop us a line sending out the challenge of making it happen and we’ll have a great time working with you on your ideas of places, experiences, biking styles, budget and time available to get your ideas off the ground and have your dream biking adventure, your way.

Our Mountain Biking trips

Everest Adventure – Mountain Bike, Trek and Raft

This is it... the most awesome mountain biking, trekking and rafting adventure tour that the Himalayas has to offer!
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12 days From $1680 Multi Adventure Tours

Bulgan Mountain Biking

This exciting trail in the northern provinces of Bulgan and Selenge, passes through varied and beautiful landscapes with wide fertile valleys, forests of silver birch and poplar, rivers and mountain passes.
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8 days From $ Mountain Biking

High Atlas Traverse

10 days super mountain biking in Morocco. Explore the High Atlas mountain and the amazing lunar-like landscapes of the desert mountains of the Jebel Sarhro.
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10 days From €930 Mountain Biking

Winter in the Draa Valley and Jebel Sahro – Cycling in Morocco

Great winter biking in the spectacular oasis of the Draa Valley and the Jebel Sahro on the edge of the Sahara.
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10 days From €930 Mountain Biking

Southern Lakes Sensation

9-days of challenging off-road biking, this trip is full of adventure, challenge and excitement amid the stunning scenery of New Zealand’s South Island.
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9 days From NZ$3945 Mountain Biking

Southern Off Road Adventure

15-days of power-packed adventure, biking your way around the scenic wonderland that is New Zealand's stunning South Island.
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15 days From NZ$5495 Mountain Biking

North and South Epic

This is it, the best of New Zealand's North and South Islands. Discover the wonder of this incredible land, the diversity between the ocean, rivers, glaciers, fjords, farmland and majestic mountains. For the intermediate to experienced mountain biker who enjoys a challenge, you'll love the flowing single trail and cycle trails through some of the most stunning scenery that New Zealand has to offer.
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16 days From NZ$5693 Mountain Biking

Sri Lanka Cycling Epic

The scenery is magnificent, the food superb and the people amongst the friendliest on earth. Travelling by bike is a great way to mix with the people
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12 days From $1995 Mountain Biking

Lhasa to Kathmandu Biking Adventure

A 24 days Mountain Biking Adventure the world's highest mountain bike journey. This is a classic ride that has to be done...
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24 days From $4448 Mountain Biking

Kathmandu Valley Rim

8 days of adventure on this Kathmandu mountain biking tour, cycle through stunning villages, see incredible mountain views and meet the great people of Nepal.
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8 days From $1095 Mountain Biking

Upper Mustang Mountain Biking

This is the newest and most incredible of biking adventures. Challenge yourself with this breathtaking journey through the timeless Kingdom of Lo, a remote Tibetan Buddhist enclave inside Nepal that was, until recently, forbidden to foreigners.
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13 days From $3495 Mountain Biking

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