Frequently asked questions

What accommodation do you use?
On our trips we use a combination of hotels, cabins, guesthouses, lodges and camping on a share twin basis (see detailed itineraries), depending on the trip type and destination country. When we camp all tents and camping equipment is supplied, except for sleeping bags and sleep mats. You can also pay a little bit extra as a single supplement and have you own room and tent.
How far will we travel each day?
This all depends on the trip, the terrain and the mode of transport; we have plenty of stops for food/refreshment and to make the most of the environment that we are in. Many of our trips are vehicle supported which means you can do as much or as little as you want in the best possible areas, and if you get tired you can catch a ride for a while. Details on distances of specific treks can also be provided on request.
Who will be leading the trip?
All of our trips are led by at least one Unique Trails leader, often more depending on the size of the group. We also use local staff where required, i.e. mountain guides and camping staff.
What do I bring with me?
Again, this depends a bit on what type of adventure you are coming on. On booking a trip with us we will send to you a detailed gear list and we are always just an email away if you need to ask further questions.
Should I bring my own bike or hire one locally?
It’s surprisingly easy to travel with your bike; with prior arrangement most airlines will carry your bike for no extra charge. For most of the trips we recommend you bring your own bike (as long as it is up to the job), as it is good to be familiar and comfortable with the bike you are riding. As all of our trips involve some off road cycling it must be a mountain bike and though not essential, front suspension will make your ride more comfortable. A full service before coming is recommended. However, on most of our trips we do have mountain bikes for hire if needed and can arrange this for you. These bikes are always well maintained late model alloy bikes with front suspension.Helmets are compulsory on all of our trips as mountain biking can be a potentially dangerous activity; we also recommend you bring your own water bottle/camel-bag and gloves.
What are the meals like? Who prepares them?
Unique Trails trips are active, and it creates a mean appetite. Your tour leaders understand this and with the benefit of fresh locally produced foods provide healthy and sustaining meals with plenty of fruits and crisp vegetables. While camping we generally have local staff cook for us but you are welcome to assist with the meals and to add your own touch if desired.
Who comes on the trips? Do I need to be fit?
Being an active holiday a reasonable level of fitness is required as it will add to the enjoyment of your adventure, but you don’t need to be a fitness fanatic and many people join us from behind a desk. Have a look at the “grade description” section under the “trip facts” tab for each trip for more information.People who come with us enjoy the active outdoors and want something different in a holiday, by doing one of our trips you get to be a part of the scene not just a spectator, you get to touch, smell and see what's going on from close-up rather than as a passer-by. Individuals, couples, groups or friends, our trips appeal equally to all. We are even designing one with children, so you can see, if you send us an idea, we can make it work for you!
What kind of support is there?
All of our trips are led by at least one and sometimes two Unique Trails leaders, who will ride with you, plus local staff where required. Support vehicles are back behind us to carry our gear and lunch, fix punctures and bikes and give you a rest if you are tired or just don’t want to ride up that hill!!
Do I need travel insurance?
Travel insurance covering medical expenses, personal injury and repatriation is compulsory for all of our tours. We recommend comprehensive cover for loss or damage to baggage and disruption of flights etc.
Why limit the group size?
By being in a small group of 12 or fewer, we make a minimal impact on the local environment and people and can better appreciate our surroundings and the cultures that we encounter. We visit some magic places and leave only bike tracks and footprints but take with us and don’t wish to damage the areas that provide us with images and memories to last a lifetime. Unique Trails’ leaders and staff are not included in the group size.

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