Mountain Biking in Nepal

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Everest Adventure – Mountain Bike, Trek and Raft

This is it... the most awesome mountain biking, trekking and rafting adventure tour that the Himalayas has to offer!
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12 days From $1680 Multi Adventure Tours

Lhasa to Kathmandu Biking Adventure

A 24 days Mountain Biking Adventure the world's highest mountain bike journey. This is a classic ride that has to be done...
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24 days From $4448 Mountain Biking

Kathmandu Valley Rim

8 days of adventure on this Kathmandu mountain biking tour, cycle through stunning villages, see incredible mountain views and meet the great people of Nepal.
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8 days From $1095 Mountain Biking

Upper Mustang Mountain Biking

This is the newest and most incredible of biking adventures. Challenge yourself with this breathtaking journey through the timeless Kingdom of Lo, a remote Tibetan Buddhist enclave inside Nepal that was, until recently, forbidden to foreigners.
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13 days From $3495 Mountain Biking